QI wireless charger aluminum alloy solid wood fast charging universal

Model NO.: KW14775

Product Name: S168 mini wireless charging

1. Input voltage: DC4.3V~5.5V/1.5~2A, voltage beyond this range alarm and stop charging.

2, output voltage: 5V + 0.1V

3, charging current: 1000mAh

4, charging power: the maximum can reach 5W

5, conversion efficiency: greater than 70%

6, transmission distance: Max 10mm, recommended transceiver spacing 2mm~4mm

7, standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW

8. Over-temperature protection: when the charging temperature is higher than 60 degrees, automatically stop charging for 1 minute, and recharge after the temperature drops

9, overcurrent protection: when the output current is greater than 1.5A, the charge will be stopped automatically to prevent damaging the charger.

10, implementation standard: Qi wireless charging standard