IPhone9plus imitation original cell phone shell, silk screen, radium carving pattern

Model NO.: kw14625

product name] imitating the original liquid silicone mobile phone protective cover

[applicable model] iPhone 9

[product weight] the net weight of the product is about 25/35g

[packaging] OPP bag plus cardboard.

[process material] silicone two times injection molding PC skeleton shell

[color classification] 10 colors (customizable colors)

Features: Three-edge design anti-fall performance is good, the product is to use imported liquid silica gel secondary injection molding package PC skeleton shell finalization, and then do the surface handle oil treatment such as baby skin smooth and comfortable, so as to achieve the feel of the product at the same time also improve the safety performance! The material used in this product is liquid silica gel, we welcome the cafes to comment and compare, insist on long-term cooperation with good quality!