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USB charging bottle stopper lamp LED cap lamp red bottle LED luminous bottle stopper lamp

Model NO.: KW14584

Usage: the bottom of the cork is equipped with a battery powered LED lamp. Twist the bottle stopper and let the LED light shine, then cover it in the wine bottle mouth, and the bottle glows like a light bulb.

Charging method: pull out the lamp from the stopper, with USB interface on it and charge directly.

Application areas:

Red wine gifts, home decoration, bar decoration, friends gathering, company dinner, outdoor activities, gifts


Packing box size: 30 * 30 * 75mm

Weight: 20g (box) neutral color box packing

Packing number: 500

Outer box size: 58*38*35cm

Weight: 10 kilos

Battery capacity: 100 mA

Charge for 20 minutes and can be illuminated for more than 3.5 hours