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Model NO.: KW14529

Style: back cover
Material: PC
Process: injection injection
Style: Fashion
Epidemic elements: Animals
The finger ring bracket of mobile phone is manufactured with the latest adhesive technology, and is ready to be used after tearing off the adhesive protective film.
Effectively prevent the mobile phone from slipping, breaking down or robbing by bad people. The buckle ring can be folded horizontally 180 degrees and rotated 360 degrees.
Can be used as a mobile phone and tablet computer support, convenient for you to read video,
There are no traces of viscose on the surface of the mobile phone when it is disassembled, which does not affect the beauty of the mobile phone.
It is the fashionable fashion of young people's intelligent machines around Japan and Korea nowadays.
Excellent handle, damping rotation, easy to carry, convenient to use, multicolor, multiple patterns to choose from.