IPADMINI IPHONE Bluetooth keypad

Model NO.: KW11145

Key feature and specification

    Compatible with different OS (iOS/Windows/Android)

    Built-in 160mAh(3.7V) Lithium-ion Battery

    Charging voltage/Current: 5V/370mAh

    Frequency response:2402-2480Hz

    Interrupted working time: 90hours

    Bluetooth 3.0 standard

    Charging time:2-3hours

Contents include:

  1. 1x Wireless Keyboard

  2. 1x USB cable for charging

  3. 1x User’s manual

  4. Pairing

Step 1:

Keep on pressing [On/Off ] button in the right/up corner for 2-3 Seconds, to switch on the unit.Blue power indicator light will shortly blink and go off.

Step 2:

Pressing the [Connect] button and the [Bluetooth] indicator light will blink.

The keyboard goes into pairing mode then.

Step 3:

(a)For iOS equipment