foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Model NO.: kw11826

Fit the size: 14.8*8.5*1.5cm
Expand size: 29.5*8.5*0.8cm
Package weight: 0.30kg
Naked machine weight: 0.18kg
Packing box size: 15.6*11.5*2.9cm
Packing size: 44.6*24.7*18.8cm
Packing number: 30 / box
Battery capacity: 120 mA
Chip: American Bo Tong chip Bluetooth 3
Working voltage: 3.0~3.7V
Uninterrupted work time: 80 hours
Standby time: 60 days or so
Use distance: less than 10 meters
Product material: aluminum alloy metal shell, ABS plastic middle frame, high quality surface treatment, waterproof chocolate silica gel button.

Product features: Eighty percent off ultra thin design, aluminum alloy metal shell material, high-end fashion feel comfortable, use when open not to use, convenient to carry and convenient, intelligent magnetic induction switch, and Bluetooth self timer function fast button, ABS plastic medium high quality spray oil surface treatment, waterproof chocolate silicone glue Key, the use of handy durable, support Apple IOS system, Android Android system and Microsoft windows system, general use of most of the smart phone and smart tablet, powerful.

Support system: support Apple IOS system, Android Android system, Microsoft windows system.
Bluetooth self timer function: a separate Bluetooth self timer button.
Switch button: smart sensor button switch
Bluetooth opening: Fn +C
Product color: the golden, metal silver