Vehicle mounted wireless charge support

Model NO.: KW14380

Baidu translation vehicle fast wireless mobile phone support
Product features:
Input: 5.0V-2.0A, 9V-1.67A
Output: 9V-1.1A, 5V-1A
Output efficiency: >72% (maximum output power of about 10W)
To support QC2.0/3.0 fast charging mobile phone, please use QC charger to power the wireless charger to get about 10W of charging power.
The charging power of mobile phone which does not support QC fast charging technology is about 5W
Transmission distance: 2-8mm (with a cell phone shell can also be charged)
High quality ST chip, high efficiency and low loss
QI standard universal, suitable for iPhone 8 X Samsung S8 mobile phone
Mobile phones that do not support wireless charging need to purchase wireless charging receivers.