Double USB regulated 5V2.4A UL certification Lvchong folding foot

Model NO.: kw13107

Two. Product parameters
1. input: 110V-240V
2. output: 5V2400mA
3. interface: double USB interface
5. color: black white
6. material: PC
7. voltage 4.5V, ripple and noise (mVp-p) <1% output voltage, temperature coefficient + 0.02%/ C, starting time less than Is (240 input, Io=100%) retention time > 200ms (240 input, Io=100%) output current can be set as constant current output mode, very accurate
8., protection function: overload protection, 105% ~ 180% rated power, cooling mode: natural cooling.
Three. Use of instructions:
1. Output current: about 1000mA--2000mA
2. The load output voltage: 4.75 ~ 5.0V
3. The working time of the charger is not less than 4 hours
4, the battery charging saturation: according to the time when charging, battery charging saturation should be greater than or equal to 95%
5, it can be applied to any cell phone charging.