Private model folding DOE6 level energy efficiency double USB port UL certified 5V2.1A charger

Model NO.: KW13081

Products are certified: UL, CUL, FCC, PSE, KC, CE, GS, BS, SAA, CCC
1). The output voltage range: 3V-30V output current: 0.1A-6A;
2). Small size, light weight, convenient carrying, streamlined, full seal;
3). Design of low cost, high reliability, ultrasonic bonding;
4). Built-in overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection;
5). Features: input voltage: 100-240VAC + 10%; frequency: 50/60Hz; current: 0.6A Max;
Start time: 3sMax: 50A/240VAC Max; inrush current;
6). Output characteristics: constant voltage mode; high precision, low noise; holding time: 20mS Min;
7). Environment: working temperature: 0 -40 OC, 5%-90%RH;
8). Storage temperature: -20 -85 DEG C, 5%-95%RH;
9) cooling: natural cooling;
10). Meet efficiency: ERP/CEC-VI standard;
11 safety standards: IEC/EN/UL60950/61558/60065/61347);
. 12) conforms to the ROHS standard;
13 pin type: UL/CCC/VDE/BS/SAA/KC/PSE);
14). The average failure rate: 50000 hours;